Benefits of Tri Folding Mattresses

Benefits of Tri Folding Mattresses

  • October 29, 2019

If you love camping, traveling, or you often find yourself hosting sleepovers, then folding mattresses are a must-have. Tri-Folding mattresses usually have three segments, and it can be folded into two sections. They are also available in different sizes, therefore, giving you a variety of options to choose from depending on your needs. Below are the Benefits of Tri Folding Mattresses.

Benefits of Tri Folding Mattresses

1.Easy to Store

Storing things in your house or apartment could be hectic, especially if you do not have enough space to work with. The tri-folding mattress is easy to store because of the folding property that makes it possible for you to store the mattress in small places in your home safely.

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For example, you could store it in your closet where it will remain clean and dirt free until when you will need it next. It is important to store it safely to prevent minor accidents around the house, especially if you have kids.

2. Great for Travel

Fatigue and limited space while traveling limit how many items you can take with you at a time. In this case, a tri-folding mattress will make a good traveling partner because it will occupy much less space in the car, and it is also more comfortable compared to sleeping bags.

If you are traveling in a van, you do not have to book a hotel for accommodation. All you have to do is spread it out at the back, and you are good to go. Who doesn’t like saving money!

3. Inexpensive

A tri-folding mattress is significantly cheaper compared to other portable mattresses available in the market. If you barely hosts guests and you live alone, there is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive mattresses that you will hardly use. We all know the economy is tough, and every penny saved goes a long way.

4. Versatile

Apart from just sleeping, a folding mattress can be used other improvised around the house for different improvised roles. You could, for example, use it as a footrest at the living while watching a movie. There are models that allow you to fold the mattress to make a chair; this could be perfect in cases where you are hosting guests, and you need extra chairs.

5. Perfect for Kids

Folding mattresses make ideal play mats because they are thicker. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your kids getting hurt by hitting the floor hard. Kids tend to get over-excited and could sometimes get hurt even under supervision.

A folding mattress prevents this from happening, thus keeping your mind at ease. The folding property is also great as it can improve creativity in kids as they fold it to try and make different shapes.

Most mattresses come with removable covers that can be removed and washed anytime the kid’s spill on the mattress (which could be every day). In the case of sleepovers, they come in handy since they can carry them wherever they need to.

6. Great Guest Bed

The folding mattresses are ideal for guest beds, especially if you live in a small apartment, and you have no room for extra beds. In most cases, people offer guests the couch, which could be quite uncomfortable because the sofa is not meant to sleep on.

The sofa does not have enough room for turning and stretching while you sleep. We all know how a bad night of sleep can ruin your whole day! Be the cool host, and get these folding mattresses.

7. Comfortable

They are more comfortable compared to other portable options like the sleeping bag. It offers you enough support and room to move around. Therefore allowing you to sleep comfortably, especially while traveling or camping.

Comfort is vital if you want to have a good night’s sleep. It also acts as a great play mat for the kids because of the extra thickness that not only protects the kids from injuries but also provides a comfortable surface for them to jump and roll on and allow them to be just kids.

The above points prove just how important getting a tri-folding mattress is. If you do not already own one, the time could be now. Thank me later!

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